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SHADOW PLAY and other stories is an e-compilation of two volumes of short stories previously published, then buried, now miraculously revived and refreshed of new stories. Their heroines and heros, including children, dogs and cats, hardly feel home anywhere, yet they seem to be determined to live an ordinary life. Something always prompts the characters to look for a home elsewhere, as if their homesickness tilted the circumstances close to homelessness which can't be often solved by simply having a roof above one's head. Then again - isn't that a nice thing to have? zuzannah l'ark


Classical Czech Folktales

Božena Němcová POHÁDKY

Kdo je hloupější/Who Is More Foolish

O kohoutu, kocouru a kose/About a Cockerel,

                                                     Cat and Scythe

Zlatý vrch

Potrestaná pýcha

O bílém hadu

Čertův švagr 

O Slunečníku, Měsíčníku a Větrníku

Chytrá horákyně

NEW for digital download:

O labuti