Božena Němcová POHÁDKY - digital download and CD

"O Slunečníku, Měsíčníku a Větrníku"

Czech folktale narrated by Zuzannah L'ark with music by Tomas Svoboda

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"Čertův švagr" ("The Devil's Brother-in-Law")

Czech folktale by Božena Němcová

narrated by Zuzannah L'ark with folk songs and dances from Moravia, and music by

Johann Strauss the Elder, Carl Maria von Weber, Felix Mendelssohn

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Shadow Play and other stories - A collection of short stories

           SP front cover                            SP back cover


ISBN 9781617922275

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VERUNKA - A chapter book suitable for children from 5 to 105 years young


A chapter book of a seven-something years old girl's adventures

For children from five to a hundred and five. In 29 chapters of various lengths, illustrated by mostly medieval woodcuts with celestial motifs.

ISBN 9781452072685

ISBN 9781452072579 e-book

Classical paper version available at... zuzannah l'ark 

E-BOOK version available for iPad, Kindle, NOOK, Sony Reader 

Bohemian Anthem - A collection of short stories


ISBN 9781426906657 zuzannah l'ark 

Fetching Stranded Soul Pieces - A collection of short stories


ISBN 9781425145132 zuzannah l'ark 

Listed Titles - In classical paper versions and as e-books

Classical Czech Folktales

Božena Němcová POHÁDKY

Kdo je hloupější/Who Is More Foolish

O kohoutu, kocouru a kose/About a Cockerel,

                                                     Cat and Scythe

Zlatý vrch

Potrestaná pýcha

O bílém hadu

Čertův švagr 

O Slunečníku, Měsíčníku a Větrníku

Chytrá horákyně

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O labuti