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                                                                                FETCHING STRANDED SOUL PIECES is the first volume of short stories, composed as a record of songs with interwoven themes of dreams, day-dreaming, cat-naps, nightmares,visionary lucid states of mind of the characters, who often bear traits of travelers, adventurers, discoverers, healers; some mere visitors, some almost homeless, some freshly uprooted, some lost, some fallen from the sky, but almost all women.

Excerpt from "DANIEL IN THE LION'S PIT" -  

Our new lives as immigrants were commemorated in the new country by my first dream in which I was looking at my hand with all of the fingers, when suddenly my thumb began drying up, shrinking like a prune. Atrophied, it fell off, which scared me.
But behind this discolored carbuncle a fresh thumb started to grow. At first, it was not matching my fingers in size, dexterity, nor age, but it quickly caught up.
I often kept thinking of a Czech proverb about "knowing nine trades - the tenth being poverty", and of another one about Dalibor and his violin, with its equivalent in English: "Neccessity is mother of invention."
For me it was meaningful in a paradoxical way: my plate was full figuratively speaking, because literary speaking I had often close to nothing to put on the plates of my family: my two brave teenage daughters, and myself.
I recall how in that meantime of inadequacy I developed a considerably sharp intuition as a power tool for survival. Working all kinds of jobs with my blinders on brought into my life interesting people. That's how I met Trice who was a psychic reader.

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Classical Czech Folktales


Božena Němcová POHÁDKY

Kdo je hloupější/Who Is More Foolish

O kohoutu, kocouru a kose/Cockerel, Cat and Scythe

Zlatý vrch

Potrestaná pýcha

O bílém hadu

Čertův švagr 

O Slunečníku, Měsíčníku a Větrníku

Chytrá horákyně


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O labuti