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VERUNKA, seven-something years old, lives on the outskirts of an ancient Central European city, which, webbed with imagination feeding legends, is yet left untouched with much nature to enjoy. Curious, as most young children are, Verunka constantly questions the mysterious world surrounding her. Sometimes the answers don’t come quickly or easily, sometimes no one knows.

Verunka is going to graduate from the first grade. She likes school and her teacher, Mrs. Marais, who will soon release her class for the summer recess, crowned by their first Certificate. Now what? Summer adventures? What kind? Equally amazing as the winter and autumn undertakings? On the cusp between the spring and summer, she frequently spends time alone, inventing solitary games, and when she meets with her friends, either inside or out, they find a way to agree on an interesting pastime. 

Luckily, Verunka also gets to see more distant quarters, like her parents’ uncommon work places in town, goes Moon gazing, she even gets invited out of town for an overnight trip to a castle! 

During her springtime encounters, Verunka meets all sorts of kind and not so kind people, and learns various life lessons. She’s sometimes puzzled by the opaque realms of grownups. Certain things, however, Verunka never questions: the love she’s blessed with from her family, regardless of the fact that her father lives away.  

At the quiet of night, when she can’t fall asleep from her swollen imagination, she may compose a short soothing poem, while her mother puts down the baby. Verunka’s acute presence of mind helps to save the life of her baby sister. It happens to become the first major event of her summer recess.


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Classical Czech Folktales


Božena Němcová POHÁDKY

Kdo je hloupější/Who Is More Foolish

O kohoutu, kocouru a kose/Cockerel, Cat and Scythe

Zlatý vrch

Potrestaná pýcha

O bílém hadu

Čertův švagr 

O Slunečníku, Měsíčníku a Větrníku

Chytrá horákyně


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